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Who is Peek?

Peek is a website design agency that offers e-commerce, CMS and multilingual SEO to help businesses succeed on the web.

Why? Because delivering on your creative needs means taking time to research and truly understand your issues. We partner creativity with experience with a single focus on results.

By creating effective design that breathes life into your brand we help you differentiate your business and your products in increasingly competitive markets.

The diversity of the problems with which clients approach us has created a wide knowledge of different business categories. Each new problem with which we are faced has aspects which can benefit from the experience gained on others. It is this very diversity which is our strength. We do not have preconceived solutions to your problems. We bring freshness and vitality to each challenge, with each solution being driven by your needs not our services.

While creativity and design excellence are qualities on which we proudly place major emphasis and on which a large part of our reputation is based, we have developed an approach which involves analysis and objective decision making to aid creativity and design.

Our agency, which is based in Cambridge, delivers comprehensive creative services to businesses across the UK. These services are designed to generate significant returns to your bottom line.

We don't have dozens of staff, or a sales team, or people to answer the phone and make the tea. Instead, we have an unfair share of exceptionally talented people to call upon who work brilliantly together, and who love embarking on new creative challenges. As a result, we're sure you'll enjoy working with us.

Our business objectives are not to be bigger, but to be better, that’s in terms of the ideas we generate and the work we deliver. We want our agency to continue to be sought after. Staying focused on these aims means we'll always be the right shape, whatever our size.

Peek's directors are award winning designers and business builders. We have a reputation for design excellence and strategic marketing along with our successful entrepreneurial careers. We contribute regularly to the media, and speak at events across the country. Being part of our community is important too and we can often be seen taking part in events to support local causes. We also undertake, from time to time, some pro bono work for charities or worthy causes that we'd like to help with our time.

So what does this all mean?

It means that working with us guarantees that only experienced, senior people will work on your project throughout - because that's how our team is built. You get the big brand experience, creative leadership, knowledge and ideas you need from an agency - along with great, personal service.


Talk to Steve Creamer or Sarah-Jane White to discuss how Peek can help you find an answer that's right for your business on 01223 900 121.

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