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Working with you as your website design agency Cambridge

How do we work with you?

Having worked collaboratively across many successful projects and award-winning campaigns we share a personal commitment to deliver high standards of creative work.

We put a whole lot of thought into what we do to make sure that everything we produce is well informed, creatively stunning, and excellent; be it a website concept, a thorough strategic review or a well-targeted marketing campaign.

New clients come to Peek because of our understanding of the way branding and marketing works. Clients stay with Peek because of the level of creativity and service we provide and the results we deliver to their bottom line.

We believe success stems from spending time understanding your requirements. This means not only understanding your project, but also how it fits with your overall business objectives. So when we’re approaching a new project, we listen first. Then we ask questions.

By understanding this bigger picture we ensure each project achieves both short and long term goals for your business, and that it delivers the best results possible.

Sometimes clients come to us for help acquiring new customers, but leave with a campaign to increase sales from their existing base. Because sometimes, our clients agree, we can show you better ways of achieving your objectives.

We'll work with you to recommend a strategy of how you can get from A to B. We’ll explain the tactics, formats and media to use that will get the most results, and how those ideas can integrate with your other activities. And we’ll make sure you have a responsive, personal service every step of the way.

But don't take our word for it read some of our testimonials.


Peek's approach

At this initial stage we establish your needs and gain a clear understanding of the objectives of the project. We then identify the project teams, roles and responsibilities. Which is then followed by us defining the process that you'd like to use to manage the project. Our proposal is submitted to meet your requirements and covers project scope, objectives, budget, deliverables and terms and conditions.

Included in this stage are activities such as conducting research to learn about your audiences and specific markets, analysis of the competitive landscape, understanding key messages and auditing any current marketing material. This stage is about learning as much as possible prior to enable us to identify the creative strategy and produce the design brief.

This stage involves exploring different approaches, refining a variety of design directions and presenting our recommend route. We then evaluate this route with you to check that it is fulfilling the project objectives. The approach is then applied to the various deliverables and we define the details prior to moving in to production.

At this stage we produce and manage the production of all the deliverables for the project. We collaborate with the writers, photographers, programmers and printers needed. This is an important stage of the project as it is the last opportunity to make any adjustments to the work. It involves us liaising with you to sign-off the work that is being produced.

We like to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the our work. This can be done both formally and informally to understand if the objectives we set at the outset are being met.


Talk to Steve Creamer or Sarah-Jane White to discuss how Peek can help you find an answer that's right for your business on 01223 900 121.

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