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Copywriting services for Websites in Cambridge

Online and offline copywriting services

Peek loves clarity. Elegantly engaging the reader with clear, compelling, customer-centred copy that gets your message across instantly and effectively.

We offer a full range of copywriting services including:

Brand articulation
A brand personality is a blend of verbal and non-verbal communications and by using the right words, in the right way we don't just differentiate your brand, but make your audiences feel attracted to your brand's values and inspired by its promises. Once we’ve defined the most effective words, messages and tone of voice, we’ll share our thinking with you so that you can then write, “on brand”.

Website copywriting
Carefully crafted copy specifically for the web that is orientated towards the desired call to action from your website. With clear, persuasive copy that pleases both search engines and people we know what works online.

SEO copywriting
If you are lost in a world of words then we can help you rise up the rankings with copy that can deliver excellent seo results. SEO copywriting is more an art than a science and with constantly changing search algorithms it's harder to make sure you're both search friendly and still making sense!

Email marketing
A few nano seconds is all you have before your recipient hits the delete button. We can help deliver a clear and compelling proposition via email.

Blogs / Social media
We can help you by writing as a guest on your blog to keep it alive and fill in the gaps when you can't post.

Direct Marketing copywriting
It could be something short and sweet inviting your prospect to an event or persuasive sales letters introducing you at a key moment in time.

We write for the people who read, not the robots who search.

You'll have to forgive us then, while we throw in one final mention of copywriting into this closing paragraph!


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