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Podcast scripting, recording and broadcasting services

Leveraging podcasting technology can give you a marketing edge that will allow you to increase your online visibility, increase your client acquisition rates and improve customer loyalty.

So exactly how does marketing with podcasts work?
Think of podcasting as a communication tool for your business. How do you currently use marketing tools such as: your website, newsletter and email marketing? You probably use these mediums to communicate messaging to your target audience. But there are some problems with trying to market through these communication channels.

People don't always get your email due to overly aggressive spam filters. They don't come back and visit your website, or read your newsletter. People actually have to make an effort to read your content. If you have a podcast, they can actually stream the audio and let it play while they are doing other tasks at their computer. People tend to multitask in order to be more efficient with the use of their time. Additionally, most users tend to prefer value added audio content that is specific to their areas of interest. Your quality audio podcast content also tends to have a higher perceived value by your target market.

Providing value added content is what your business should be focusing on. Podcasting is only a communication tool, and your podcast is only as good as the content that you provide to your audience. Make sure that you produce relevant content and not just a rambling piece of audio.

Your podcast could be in front of 40 million iTunes listeners if you have made an iTunes compatible RSS podcast feed; multiple blog directories or specialised podcast directories.

Additionally, the search engines will look at the RSS podcasting feed and spider the show notes that are tied to your podcast as well.

Start podcasting today and leverage this audio technology for your business.

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