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Speech Soccer

Fancy yourself as the football manager?

Speech Soccer, the first voice only controlled online football game, is launching a new edition this week in time for the World Cup. This highly addictive game that uses speech recognition technology to control the players now has all 32 World Cup teams available to play.

With one word your players can pass the ball, tackle and shoot in this fast flowing football action. The speech interface liberates you from focusing on the individual players giving you the freedom to play as a team. The formation editor allows you to develop your own tactics for attacking and defending and enhance gameplay.

Once you've trained the speech recogniser you're ready to play. To score goals you must move the ball quickly about the pitch to create space for shooting. When your team has the ball, say the number of your player you wish to pass to. Or, if you keep saying the number of the player who already has the ball, he will run with it. When you are in range of the goal simply say "shoot". When the opposition has the ball you need to win it back. Say the number of one of your players and he will start moving towards the ball. When you get close say "tackle" to challenge for the ball.

The 2010 World Cup edition has a slick new interface and graphics. Online play has been improved so that it's quick and easy to find and make friends over the internet to challenge to a match.

To join in the fun download your free demo of Speech Soccer at:


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